Saturday, May 11, 2013


You cross the road to meet the love of your life, a car is your last memory.
You say goodbye with tears to the one you love, he proposes to you.
You buy a new big house, your are assigned a new job post abroad.
You decide to get married, you discover lies you can never forget.
You are a doctor and make the perfect surgery, the patient dies.
You need to be alone and make a trip, you meet your soulmate.
You quit the effort to make a child, you become pregnant.
You decide to follow your heart, there is no heart left.

There is a time that days are condensed, shapeless.
These days fate plays games with your courage.
You make decisions and she smiles at you.
You fight with her and she always wins.
You feel helpless and exhausted.
You need to escape.
You surrender.

You become a follower.

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