Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yes & No

Is it too early to say that I like you very much? 
No, I was afraid you would never ask.

Is this the sound of your heartbeat?
Yes, I was trying unsuccessfully to hide it.

Is distance a real obstacle to love?
No, the only obstacle is our hesitations.

Is it strong enough to last over time?
Yes, it is us that create it every day.

Is it too late to catch up our dream and live it?
No, it is never too late for dreams.

Is there a place to hide my irresistible desire for you?
Yes, you can get lost in my body and soul.

Is it allowed to fall in love with you knowing I’ll be hurt?
No, let me fall in love with you first.

Is it possible for us to create a miracle in such a short time?
Yes, miracles happen every day, this is ours.

Is it easy to forget my loneliness since the time you left?
No, it was just hard to decide between "I am not ready" and "I’m yours for ever".

Is there a name for your feeling when your secret lies were uncovered?
Yes, it is the feeling of everyday guilt, sorry I could not confess.

Is it a crime to admit I am still thinking of you?
No, the crime is you never told me. 

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