Sunday, May 12, 2013


When you suddenly find yourself face to face with unexpected events, events that come once in a lifetime and may change you forever, difficult situations that you have to choose between surrender and braveness, then it is time to evaluate yourself.

Your reactions to the facts, how gentle you remain, how calmly you face life, how you hug desires and tame your emotions.
How you treat, love and protect yourself and others, trying not to hurt and being hurt.
How you find the courage to see clearly the facts and decide keeping a good balance between logic and emotions.
How you are able to show your love with actions and not just empty words.
What person you prove you are based on the options you choose to follow. 

Will you select those that will make you be proud of yourself even though this choice may cost you forever?

Maybe no one will recognize this, maybe no one will ever know, maybe you will find yourself alone and unprotected.
It really doesn't matter.
It is you that will feel peaceful, will have the sense of superiority that you followed the right path.  
This is the time to measure if you really are a person worth being with. 

This is the time to measure if you are blessed to have the power to control you mind, respect yourself and others.  
This is the hard time to measure the greatness of your soul.
This is the time for you to proudly stand tall, completely naked, and reveal your real identity. 
This is the time to show who you really are. 

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