Saturday, May 4, 2013

Men's word

Men’s word counts. Never trust a man that cannot keep his word. Once he has done it once, he will never be faithful and trustful, ever again. Men's word is about everything, from everyday situations to the most serious life events. Men's word is about trust, strength, seriousness and reliability. It is a way of living in emotional life but also includes all aspects of life, personal, professional.  

Men’s word is not about men only; it is not related to sex, male or female. It is a phrase that is used for people who are brave, sincere and their word counts. Men’s word is a promise that is never allowed to be broken, no matter what the consequences are. Men's word should be considered only before spoken. Once he has given a promise he has to meet the expectations he created to himself and others, he has to go on; he has to be there, he has to do his best to support his decision. He has to be strong for all the others. He has no other choice.

In case he dares to take his decision back, he does not deserve anything but contempt. Maybe you decide to give him a second chance. Forgiveness is part of our nature. You will soon realize that no matter how many second chances you give, men's word will always be broken.  This kind of person is weak, selfish and dangerous; unworthy to love and to be loved.  He hurts without regret, has no real feelings, no dignity, no values. He is full of inferior emotions, pure egoism among them, full of insecurities. A miserable creature doomed to be alone, even among his most loving persons. You cannot change him or help him, no matter how hard you try. It is his personal choice to live like this, helpless. Ηe will never find peace in his soul.  

Once you have met a person like this in your life, go away and never look back, no matter how hard it is. You may have loved him with all your heart; you may have devoted to him all your dreams and soul. The truth is he will never be capable to love you truly, appreciate your real value and treat you the way you deserve.

Don’t waste your time with him; just let him go, without regret.
Find the one that respects his words, one that respect you; or let him find you.

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