Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life bottle

The perception of life is a personal thing. It is like a bottle of wine and reflects the way you choose to perform its sensory analysis. 

There are many people that always like to see the bottle half empty. The bottle has not finished yet and they are worrying about ordering another one. They find no pleasure in it but tasting it in isolation, even among crowd or friends. Their senses are their worst enemy. They knock on their door and they repel them as undesirable visitors. Senses soon go away and never come back. Their glass seem invisible; just the cheap vehicle that transfers their liquid medication into their mouth. Its weight is heavier than steel, insufferable. They are anxious to drink and diminish this unbearable pain. They only see its liquid nature as a prisoner that needs to escape. They drink it quickly to satisfy their thirst, to heal from their sick reality, their addiction to misery; their only shelter to hide their insecurities. They surrender to their overpowering need for alcohol, their closest friend. They try to resurrect their weak being. Stuck in their past, they drink to forget; they drink to exorcise their ghosts.

There are others that always believe the bottle is half full. They don't need another one. This is enough and priceless. They are social drinkers, life lovers; they love sharing it as the ultimate symbol of their hearty nature. Their senses are activated every moment. They pause and focus on each step. They touch softly their glass; they admire its shape, its miraculous content. They swirl it gently and they are amazed to follow its crazy dance within its space limits. They feel its light weight as holding the most fragile and precious thing, being thankful for what is offered to them; their most honorable gift. They admire its fluid magnificence that reflects the unshaped potential of their life. They liberate themselves to be seduced by its essential soul components. They are ecstatic by its aroma and they are lost in its emerging bouquet of flavors. Tasting flight is an exotic trip. Every sip is a unique fantasy that unlocks their infinite power. They close their eyes and enjoy it as it is their last one. They are positive thinkers; optimism is their only nature and choice. They drink to create new unforgettable moments.

Now open your life bottle, taste it and give the scoring. 

Drink it slowly. 
There will not be a second one. 

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