Saturday, May 25, 2013


You stand alone. 
You have succeeded all your life targets.
You spent your life fighting to prove your value. 
You are successful, or at least you feel you are. 
You have everything. 
You should be happy now. 
You are not. 
You feel more alone than ever. 
You know well how to hide your fears. 
You are fed by shallow desires of one night. 
You try to balance your life in fake emotions. 
You fool yourself that you reached your life purpose. 
You sit down and think. 
You meet with your familiar silence. 
Υοu face your deepest truth. 
You are always feeling something is missing. 
You can now see clearly. 
You will never be complete. 
You miss one piece. 
The most precious one.

The one that you left to drop behind. 
The one that was hiding all your secrets. 
The one that was watching your game silently. 
The one that you neglected when you had the time. 
The one that touched you so deeply and you denied. 
The one that accepted you as you were, incomplete.
The one that your soul was praying for day and night. 
The one that you always thought will be there for you.
The one that you easily forgot lost in your expectations. 
The one that you chased but left behind again to use it latter. 
The one that you never realized its value until you lost it forever.
The one that is now stuck on the floor; heavy, lonely, silent, proud.  
The one that will never complete your puzzle in your life's chessboard. 

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