Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Is the curtain closed or open?
I'm thinking of our moments often

We both made mistakes
The result now full of aches

Our love started from the end
Lost in desire without pretend

Naive, we let our passion slop
Now guilty searching hope

My impulse inside commands
I took our destiny in my hands

Wanted to follow my vision
Finally I chose your decision

It should have been ours
I was counting hours

My mind and soul in pain
Life was rolling in my vein

Thought you cared
I felt alone and scared

Was not seeing clearly
I paid it dearly

Wanted you to be close
The end came in one dose

I asked you to leave it behind
Needed some peace of mind

Time to heal and rest
We are strong, deserve the best

Now afraid to make a plan
I know I miss our fun

Life played its most cruel game
If it's true our feelings will remain

If fate give us a chance
This time we'll try to make it last

We 'll give it time to grow
Will follow our emotions flow

We'll hear each others voice
Decisions will be only common choice

If our story recounts a new start
Will be yours with all my heart

Our trip will guide us longer
We will come out of it stronger

Together will fight the worry
We both deserve a sorry

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