Friday, May 3, 2013


How is the feeling to sacrifice love in the name of your dreams that will not be shared?
How happiness is defined when you leave someone you loved with all your heart?
How are you going to continue with our last dark moment to haunt your soul?
How is it to see every morning  in your mirror the face you betrayed most?
How bitter is the sense of regretting something that you didn't dare to live?
How is it to claim for forgiveness and love and deny it the next day?
How sweet is the taste of your expectations that killed our dreams?
How effortless is to write a scenario with such a cheap finale?
How many players you needed to play your dishonest game?
How our moments were stolen by eternity in one second?
How much is the cost of killing your and others' destiny?
How many lies I believed and will remain unknown?
How far your mistakes and regrets can travel you?
How you estimate the price of your sorry? 
How is the feeling of the gap inside you?
How many times true love can survive?
How is it to live without heart?
How I trusted you?

Explain me, how?

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