Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fortune teller

"Show me your hand"..a furtune teller once said, reading my life's file
You are kind and happy, fate will try to steal your smile
You will be betrayed, many times, will fight, try to run alone your life's mile.

You will resist, you are brave, you are born to be strong and smart
You will love, again and again, will donate all your soul and heart
All will adore you, no one will follow your trip, will decide to leave all apart

Your feet will tremble and balance under earthquake's shock, love and hate
Sunshine will come into your life when you surrender to your mysterious fate
A crucial reversal will wake you up, soon to be discovered by your soulmate.

You will feel the passion, the regret, the sorrow deep
He will appear from nowhere will kiss you softly in your sleep
Will both decide to make a start, leave behind the storm, lead the ship.

True love will come late in your life, but will stay there till the end
Your match so perfect, complete; will forget words like "fear", "lies" and "pretend"
Together will find happiness and peace, will breath and live as one head.

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