Sunday, February 2, 2014


Can't you really see this?
Can't you realize it?
I see your hands. 
I can clearly see your legs.
Your body is all out.
What is only missing is your head.
Do you really believe noone can see you?
It is a bit funny.
And scary.
What are you really doing?
Is this a kind of game?
A new exercise?
A joke?
Or just a shelter?
You can not speak either?
I see...
You are trapped.
Or just hiding.
You think this tiny box is enough for you?
Do you really believe it?
So, why you try to fit in?
Is it really so hard to see?
You are all exposed and unprotected.

So you are finally out.
You will soon realize the open potential. 
Look at this bigger box.
An excellent fit.
You will feel safe in there.
You will grow.
You will expand.
So what are you looking at?
Move in.

Still there?
You walk away?
Where are you going?
Where is the box?
By the way, you have a perfect smile.

Diminishing needs.
Minimizing glories.
Pushing hard passion.
Pausing laughs.
Stopping impetus.
Squeezing nature's juices.
Quitting desires.
Just to fit in. 

A small box.  
Exhausting and tiresome jail. 
A fail. 
A bigger box. Unstable.
An enourmous gap.

You hold softly the box in your hands.
Small, big, doesn't matter. 

It is your choice.
You embrace it.
You breath slowly.
You feel calm and secure.
You now smile and flourish.
You are now exposed.
You now feel the air.
You now really love.
You now really live.

With your choices.  

With the box.
Out-of-the box.


  1. Powerful work ... love it. Good to have you back. :-)

  2. Wow that took me rite in for a moment therewith. Fab poetry as always thankful x

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    1. Nicely done and deep. Thank you for sharing your gift.