Thursday, April 10, 2014


Stay naked.
Look at your flesh.

Stay still and refuse to hear the clock ticking.
Admire your beauty that will be older the next second. 

Forget to admit that time is watching you.
Pretend you wear nothing but your smile.

Hear the stories your pores whisper.
Recall the touch of love inside that built all that you are.

Hug mistakes that lied and stayed handicapped.
Believe in the lost flavor of a kiss that has no voice.

Pray for the moments that reached the end and died.
Smile for the secrets that noone will ever know.

Try your limits under sunshine and grow up.
Find peace in small and little, forget the big, try for the bigger. 

Surrender to the dark, hide, pause.
Spend time alone so as to appreciate company that makes time freeze.

Capture each drop of your nature's juices.
Repeat each day, many times, the sound of your laugh.

Thank the night that visit you as a precious guest.
Welcome the day that softly open your eyes.

Explore the new, remember the missing, forget the absent.
Appreciate the power of the past, use it in the future.

Study weaknesses, transform, be thankful for teachings.
Ask, receive advice, listen, stay open, learn.
Share with beloved and connect, age seek familiar hearts.
Let time flirt with grey but give birth to a colourful blend.

Love deep and honor those few that know what trust means.
Define the rules, play hard, stay faithful to yourself first.

Do betray your fears and walk through flames stronger.
Do surrender to your passions, then learn to tame them.

Get sick when love ends, mourn, grace the years.
Say goodbye to the lost, remember and forget.

Respect your heartbeat's echo, life is short.
Breath slowly, think fast, act wise, ask boldly.

And never reply, unless you are certain.

If I could, what would I change?
If I couldn't, what would I miss?

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