Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Units and symbols.
Quantities and values.
Empowered counting elements.

Numbers that change.
Numbers that dance and alter lives.
Numbers that kill each other to survive.
Numbers that multiply, divide, add and substract.

At first, it was one that soon became two;
one left. another approached, only to become two again.
Two became three for a while and then four
and time was busy choosing its fatal operation.

A violent split, an evil's lethal spit
sent all four to east and west, and north and south;
the lightest escaped to the sky
the heavier dropped on the ground.

Drunk inputs struggling for a result.
One and two, four and three.
All four were slaughtered and left a ruin. 
Two formed a bond; Two hydrogens ready to embrace an oxygen.

Believe in the power of the plus (+). 
Curse the weakness of the minus (-). 
Pursue the potential of the times (x).
Avoid the snakiness of the obelus (/).


  1. you are mocking my discipline. Was joking, you are good at what you do…. thumbs up